Episode 1

Holiday travel and purchases; Multi-factor Authentication

There's been a lot of news recently about juice jacking and privacy concerns with smart devices. We discuss this and focus on how to protect yourself using multi-factor authentication.

Smart TVs and Privacy

These concerns have been around since at least 2017 but most everyone I talk to is surprised to know what's going on. Here are some article links for more information:

Juice Jacking

Multi-Factor Authentication (aka MFA, 2FA or two-factor authentication, etc.)

It's pretty clear that I believe that you should be using MFA today, now, get on it! It's been around for years and most people don't know or don't care. Security professionals like me are yelling from the roofs that it's important but few are hearing us.

However, nothing is perfect. Included in the links is at least one article describing issues with two-factor authentication. Deadbolts and other physical locks are not perfect, either, but we use them because they do more good than not. Use MFA/2FA!

You are valuable, your personal information is valuable, let's work together to keep both safe.

Have a great week.

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