Episode 13

BREACHED! Start using Two-factor Authentication TODAY

Humane Tech:BREACHED! Start using Two-factor Authentication TODAY

A lot of my clients started working with me immediately after they were breached, compromised, or otherwise hurt by someone. Being on the clean-up side of these incidents is awful. Everyone is worried, mad, scared, and/or horrified. Let's make it harder for criminals to hurt us!

If a website will only provide you with a two-factor authentication (2FA) code via text or email, fine. Do that.

For any site that allows you to use an app, please strongly consider using Authy. It's works well and it's free. I use it. Don't worry if a site says they only use Google Authenticator, Authy is a 100% compatible replacement for Google Authenticator but it's not owned by Google.

  • Authy - https://authy.com/ - Use it just about anywhere including sites that say they're only offering Google Authenticator.

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