Episode 1

Stop, Drop, and ROLL! The relaunch of Humane Tech

Humane Tech | Stop, Drop, and ROLL!

We're back! The first 13 episodes are now re-labeled as Season 1. I've learned a lot from those first several shows, and now we're starting anew. Season 2 will be consistent.

In this new series, I discuss how to respond to a cybersecurity incident, what we should all be doing to keep ourselves safe, and how to really monitor our identity and credit.

Episode 1 is kick starting us back into improving your privacy, security, and efficiency with tech.

Coming in July are brand new webinars including:

  • A Guided Tour of the Dark Web ($8) - Come with me as we visit the good, bad, and ugly side of the dark web, the deep web, and yes, surprising parts of the clear, or normal web. Visit criminal marketplaces and safe havens for legal advocacy with your guide.
  • Block Criminals from Your Accounts ($8) - Walk through password management and multi-factor authentication THE EASY WAY. See how passwordless (imagine...NO PASSWORDS) are the way of the future...a future that's already here!
  • Don't lose your Insta, Snap, or ANYTHING (free for students) - Kids are losing access to their social media accounts, their private photos, and more. Once they're gone, they're usually gone forever. Learn how to protect your accounts without getting too fussy.

Coming in August are more webinars and online classes:

  • Everything you need to know to secure your business - This multi-part class will walk through technology management essentials. If you're a business owner or manager who wants to keep your business safe, this is your class. Whether you're doing IT for yourself or you're paying someone else, you don't want to miss this. In fact, have your IT people join and keep each other accountable.
  • Parental Controls: how to protect your kids online - Keeping your kids safe is a normal part of parenting, now. However, it's no longer about "control". NO! It's about trust, communication, and agreements.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy for Teens - Learn how to keep your parents off your backs, keep your accounts safe, and do more safer. See how scammers try to steal your stuff so you can be safe.

Have questions, comments, or rants? Email me at podcast@mozutech.com or humanetechpodcast@protonmail.com. See our new website at www.mozutech.com

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Jeffrey Kaye founded monozukuri technology after three decades of building, managing, and supporting business networks. Over the years Jeffrey has worked in many areas of tech including security, privacy, compliance, open-source intelligence, and providing security awareness training. Jeffrey is a regularly invited speaker at conferences, round tables, and other events. In demand as an educator and consultant, he loves to make technology more usable and humane.