Episode 5

Multi-factor Authentication (Cybersecurity Essentials #2)

Multi-factor Authentication (Cybersecurity Essentials #2)

What if there was a way to keep people out of your accounts even if they did steal or hack your password? There is and it's time to get it on every account you have.



If you haven't looked yourself up in Have I Been Pwned https://haveibeenpwned.com/ please do it now! If your information has been compromised please change your password at any listed sites. This database is not all inclusive and there are other ways to search for your information but this is a good start.




  • Authy - https://authy.com/ - Use it just about anywhere including sites that say they're only offering Google Authenticator.

Hardware Authenticators aka Tokens

  • YubiKey - https://www.yubico.com/ - YubiKeys are very well known in the security world and have been trusted for a long time. Compared to the free apps the YubiKey options may seem very expensive. If you can afford them, they are much better than the apps. A warning, though, they can be complicated to initially set up. Once they're working, they're amazing.

  • OnlyKey - https://onlykey.io/ - OnlyKey has options are less expensive and have more features than YubiKeys. Like YubiKeys, they can be more difficult to use than MFA applications.

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